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I-1 World Muay Thai Grand Prix(Ticket Outlets : Kung Fu Supplies Company)
Being aware that Hong Kong is a multi-cultural international metropolis that has inherited China 's martial arts culture and has absorbed the essence of modern body combat, Promoter Master Kim Ip gained the inspiration that Muaythai matches to work in line with the rapidly developing tourism. Master Kim thereafter wisely goes on his project of Muaythai by promoting " I-1 World Muay Thai Grand Prix " and invites outstanding boxers from all over the world to participate.
" I-1 World Muay Thai Grand Prix " is a brand new phenomenon in Hong Kong for Muaythai boxing competition because it is refreshingly different from other normal Muaythai programs nowadays. I-1 is originated from the genius idea of prestigious promoter Kim Ip. It is utilized as an emblem of new Muaythai phenomenon.
Invincible, intelligent, international and intercontinental.
¡§ 1¡¨ means number one or top rank.
There are many points make I-1 colorfully interesting to follow up.
Firstly, I-1 wisely permits all boxers around the world who have competent skills in the art of Muaythai to fight. This also helps promote Hong Kong 's athletes into worldwide awareness. However, boxers who can join I-1 are elaborately selected to make sure that they can fight well and also attract audiences.
Secondly, boxers will be grouped into two divisions. Boxers in each group fight each other to find the best in their division. (Fighters who lose are unqualified to fight next round; which means that there is merely strongest and most technical boxers can pass to final cut.). Then the best of each group will contend in the final cut. To do so, it makes the game more amusing. Audiences do not have to wait so long to know who the winner is because the paste of the matches is rapid.
Finally, the ultimate winner will be granted the world tiltle.
1. To promote I-1 (Muaythai) into every single part of the world.
2. To inspire boxers to train hard therefore they can have motif to be selected joining I-1.
Style of the program
I-1 is a live show that guarantees the audiences with thrilling matches of many skillful boxers all around the world. Merely the bravest, hardest and strongest could be selected to join the show.
Moreover, I-1 has a great team of experienced commentators/ masters of ceremony, bringing entertainment, in additional to the matches, to the audience.
I-1 World Muay Thai Grand Prix
140 lbs . Muaythai tournament
8 boxers from eight different countries.
Queen Elizabeth Stadium
- It comprises 3 rounds.
- Each round consists of 3 minutes.
- 2 minutes break for each. ¡@
- World Champion Title
- World Muaythai Champion Belt
- Champion's Trophy
- I-1 honor suit jacket
5/11/2005 15:12:20
Kings of The Muay Thai-fighers of the Century
Organizer ¡G(Speed Asia Investment Ltd.)
Co-organizer¡G Hong Kong Muay Thai Association, Pak Lung International Boxing Centre
Date : 30th August, 2005, 19:30pm
Venue :(2005 Kings of Muay Thai-Fights of the Century
Ticket Outlets : Kung Fu Supplies Company,Hong Kong Muay Thai Assocation ,Urban Ticketing System
Ticket price : 150-, 300- , 500-, 1,200
Top class boxers and exciting contest that Muay Thai fan can not afford to miss
Tickets will be sold out soon, please purchase immediately.
Patipan vs Maksym Dudov-59kg
Noalikduanlic vs Daniel Hatch - 63kg
Siasyeenic vs Jan Atolik - 78kg
Eric So vs Raymond Chan - 56kg
Tsoi Tung Hiu vs Wouter Haas - 59kg
Locthuan vs Joe White - 75kg
Lemnboag vs Arslan Magomedov - 75kg
Chawaalict vs Shane Chapman - 74kg
12/8/2005 13:36:36
New Year Holidays
New Year Holidays

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